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Welcome to Waterworks Irrigation Ltd – based in Auckland, we are your one stop shop for water solutions covering nationwide and Pacific Islands. Whether you are looking for some insights, materials, or services for a residential or commercial project, we are confident that we can supply your needs.


Waterworks custom designs and builds irrigation and watering systems for your property needs.

Outdoor Lighting

Waterworks creates functional outdoor lighting solutions to enhance your landscape and brighten your outdoor space.

Pools and Ponds

Waterworks builds custom fish ponds, natural pools, pumps and filter systems uniquely designed to suit your needs.

Custom Water Features

Waterworks brings the x-factor to your home, by uniquely designing custom water features.


Waterworks supplies pumps for any application, pool, hot water pressure boosting , borehole, petrol, farm, submersible and many more.

Water Treatment

Waterworks provides treatment solutions for commercial and residential applications. Let us test your water and design a water treatment package for you.

Waterworks Irrigation


Our outdoor water services cover both residential and commercial settings. We are experts in dealing with residential and commercial irrigation, water feature additions, outdoor landscape lighting, filtration, pumping, rain water harvesting, and more.

What Makes Waterworks Unique

Create your dream project!

We work closely with our customers to design unique, elegant and eye-catching features for their homes. What ever your dream project may be, we help to make it reality.

Custom Built Designs

Each design whether it be garden irrigation, water features, outdoor landscape lighting, filtration or water treatment is specifically designed to meet the individual customers needs. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box! Our projects, big and small supply functionality, quality and practicality combined with utmost beauty. 

Experienced Staff

We have over 20 years experience in the industry, we are the Waterworks experts. Waterworks has a reliable team of seasoned tradesmen who have mastered every unique water and lighting solution we have ever created.

Quality Products

Waterworks exceeds the quality standards, by having the best suppliers, sourcing quality products and having an amazing team whom take pride in every design created. Our quality is the reason we are the best!

Regular Maintenance

Waterworks takes pride in their after sales service, we will walk you through the entire process from planning to completion. But it doesn’t end there, we provide regular maintenance checks and repairs to assure our quality designed products last a lifetime.

Waterworks Takes Quality Seriously!

Seasoned Tradesmen

When it comes to waterworks, NZ residents and companies trust no one else but us. That’s because we have a reliable team of seasoned tradesmen who have mastered different water and lighting solutions. Rest assured that when you work with us, we will walk you through the entire process – from planning to completion. We also provide regular maintenance checks and repairs.

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