Pool lighting can change your outdoor environment. It will enhance your family’s and visitors pool experience.
Customised lighting options allow pool owners to highlight any and all features as well as architectural elements, not to mention maintaining the mood you require. Pool lighting helps to create a outdoor home ambience that’s uniquely yours. Today’s energy-efficient pool lighting helps you save, extends the life of your pool into the evenings, and improves safety for night time swimming and outdoor home entertaining.

Benefits of Pool and Spa Lighting

Creating the outdoor home experience, the correct lighting can satisfy your needs and bring to life your dreams. Below you will see some of the many benefits of of pool lighting:

• Creation of crystal prism type effects on night time water surfaces
• Adding vibrant and mood enhancing colours
• Adds a dramatic and mysterious feel to the pool side area
• Increases night time visibility as well as safety.
• Enhances water effects like bubblers, fountains, waterfalls, and spas
• Making use of the correct lighting it can allow for the spill over effect to light up the entire outdoor area.
• Highlights and defines walls, decks, and architectural elements

Set the Mood

The beauty in the correct lighting is that it creates a magical feel of paradise that will extend belong just your pool.
Lighting in and around your pool adds beauty, drama and mystery to your pool and outdoor home environment.There are so many options of lighting for you to enjoy. You have an array of lights to choose from, such as, white lights, automated and timed lights to coloured lights. Lights are suited for every occasion, they can light the mood with a bright light or change it to a playful mood with different colour effects. Bring mystery and excitement to your outdoor home paradise with mood-enhancing lighting. Whatever your mood, pool lighting lets you create your outdoor home ambience that you desire.

Highlight Special Features

With unique lighting solutions you can highlight all the beautiful features as well as you pool area and outdoor garden area. Big or small, these vibrant lights are the perfection when illuminating features for a full outdoor pool and garden experience:

• Fountains
• Waterfalls
• Spas
• Jets
• Steps
• Bubblers

Enhance Poolside Safety

Pool safety is always a concern, especially for pets and children. The right lighting enhances those worrisome areas. If your lighting is placed correctly not only will you benefit from enhancing the light on your beautiful garden features and creating the mood you want, but it will provide the safety needed to keep that stress free environment. Late night swims will never be a problem as these lighting fixtures will provide the visibility you need. Underwater lighting allows safer, more enjoyable swimming at night. Pool lighting improves the visibility and safety of your pool. It enhances contrast and highlights transitions between the pool and decks, walkways, stairs and other hard-to-see places.

Enjoy Your Pool – Day and Night

Adding pool lighting not only, changes the ambiance of your pool area and garden creating a unique experience for you and your family as well as friends. It also extends the use of your pool and garden on those summer nights you want to take advantage of. You will increase your entertaining as the environment you have created will be that much more welcoming. Increase your safety, improve visibility and enjoy those relaxing evenings under the stars!!

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