How Irrigation assists the natural processes…

Irrigation start with the simplest of systems to the complex of systems. Understanding what and why you need it is vital. Understanding what your plants need to grow well is also of utmost importance.

A Home for growth
Plants can flourish in any environment. If they have enough mineral salts and nutrients as well as space to put down their roots, your plants will do their best to grow.

The right temperatures are important when planting seeds for growth as this are needed for germination to begin the growth process. Temperatures will vary dependant on the seeds you plant. Monitoring seasonal temperatures will assist you in this process.

Air and sunlight
Photosynthesis is the process whereby plants make their own food. The green leafy parts, which contain chlorophyll, capture light and use it to create chemical reactions. Your plants need plenty of air for the chemical reaction process to take place which involves carbon dioxide.

Water is just as essential to plants as it is to us. Water carries vital nutrients from the soil to the plant to trigger the germination and photosynthesis process.
What Irrigation systems assist with is providing water. We can’t always rely on the weather when it comes to the watering of our plants and garden. In most cases when we do schedule watering times, we make use of sprinklers and watering cans or hosepipes. This would be “irrigation” in its simplest form. Simple watering is well suited for the smaller gardens, whereas an irrigation system would be best used for larger gardens, fields etc.

Below you will find a list of irrigation methods suited for all types of gardening:
• Surface irrigation such as border irrigation
• Overhead irrigation
• Trickle or drip irrigation
• Sub-surface irrigation and plastic mulch

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