What does a water filter remove? How else will a water filtration system affect the water in your home?

Cleaner and Safer Water

A home water filtration system provides added protection against unknowns.

Lead: Lead is a toxic metal that can infiltrate water through old pipes on its way to your home. Lead consumption can delay growth and development in children and cause kidney and blood pressure problems in adults.
Aluminium: When tap water is unfiltered it may contain aluminium, which has been said to facilitate in a host of health issues including Alzheimer’s disease, learning disabilities in children, skin problems, and more.
Chlorine: Tap water is often disinfected with chlorine, this remains in the water delivered to your home. While chlorine in small amounts remains safe to drink, it can dry out and irritate the eyes and skin if it’s in water used for bathing and cleaning.
Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs): Although chlorine does kill some harmful elements, the byproducts left over from this process, called DBPs, are carcinogenic.

When installing a home water filtration system, you will no longer worry about yourself or your family coming into contact with the above substances.

Better Tasting and Smelling Water

Not everything you find in your water supply is harmful. Some substances may only affect the taste and smell of your water, such as leaving a rust like taste. Installing a home water filtration systems will remove unwanted smells and tastes by regulating the water. This will also enhance the taste of all beverages that are made from your water supply.

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