You can find water features almost anywhere these days, Malls, Parks, Homes, Large Centres, Theatres, etc. Not only do water features bring about a sophistication and beauty but also provides the tranquil calming effect that most need especially today. Where did it all begin?

Early findings


Did you know that the pond most people have in their gardens were designed almost over 3000 years ago? The Ancient Egyptians were the first to design fountains and ponds, not very different from what we have today. It was back then that public baths became a trend which leads to our popular community pools.

Medieval and Renaissance Periods


In Italy during this time, fountains and public baths were especially popular. This was due to the quality workmanship, you can still view some of these in Florence and Rome. What stood out the most was the French and their design of the Tours of Versailles – Very big tourist attraction.

Romantic Period


This period was known for the added ponds and rivers that were strategically formed and randomly placed keeping to a natural state design and look. With this natural look, some resembled ruins, that made for interesting design work.

Present day


Today we make use of water features in different ways. Today, we use water features in many ways. Very articulate designs made for home use, keeping to the natural design. From waterfalls to ponds and rivers – all crafted for the serenity of one’s home. Inside or out the designs and needs are endless, complimenting the full function of your home and garden.

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