Winter Months – Water Features

While we still love our Outdoor Water Features, this is the time of year where we look more to our Indoor Water Features to be able to enjoy the peace and tranquillity that they offer. We’re not wanting to head out into the garden very much during these cold and miserable months, so why not bring the wonder of water features inside your home?

Water features can be extravagant and elaborate requiring significant space, planning and equipment or they can be very simple and easy to manage. Depending on the space you have available and the desired effect of the water feature there are many options for the type of water feature. In large entries, foyers or atriums large ponds or layered fountains may be appropriate. In small office spaces, hallways and meeting rooms a simple wall or tabletop fountain may be enough. Water in indoor spaces has benefits regardless of the size.

Standing water features are probably the easiest way to incorporate a water feature into your home. A standing water feature can be affixed to the wall and often has its own built-in water flow system so that you will not have to connect it to your plumbing. Consider a standing water feature for a large room or main area of your home such as the foyer or living room for best results.

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